Why Choose Coffee?

As an entrepreneur, author, coach, or thought leader, your time is best spent creating and delivering value to your clients - not driving sales. 

 This is why, in most small businesses, high-ticket sales is underdeveloped - or nonexistent. 

What you need is a team of highly-skilled, affordable sales people who will contact your best leads and guide them through their purchase - in a way that's authentic to your brand.

Enter Coffee. 

Our services

How It Works

At Coffee, we're all about taking things off your plate.


In the kickoff phase, you’ll meet your dedicated sales professional, who will then spend 2 weeks studying how to sell your products, in your voice, and remain true you your brand. 

  • Meet Your Dedicated Sales Professional
  • DEFINE sales goals, strategy, & timeline


During the integration phase, Coffee securely and seamlessly integrates with your existing website, email automations, phone line, etc. so that your leads are handed off to our team.

  • CONNECT your funnel or EMAIL APP
  • SET UP YOUR toll-free number (optional)
  • configure our internal systems


Finally, the moment you’ve been waiting for! Once we start working, you can kick back and relax - or spend all your newfound free time serving & creating for your new customers!

  • Receive weekly performance reports
  • Sync up via a weekly, 30-minute call
  • Watch the sales roll in!
The Method

Our client's #1 concern: "my customers and leads are the life-blood of my business. How do I know you won't make a bad impression or put them off?"

Have no fear. Our method maximizes conversion by creating powerful invitations. We leverage a a unique alchemy of successful coaching & subtle sales techniques that put your customer’s goals & desires at the heart of our interactions. All the while, we remain true to your brand, using your language, and your sales assets. What's more, we never sell someone a product that isn't right for them. Our goal? To give your customers a fantastic sales experience that keeps them coming back!

The Model

Are you still making sales calls in your business? Making your own sales calls is a bottleneck to your growth - and a bad use of your time. As an entrepreneur or thought leader, you should be delivering value to clients - and leaving sales to us.

Our Sales As-A-Service model allows your results to grow without the expertise & investment of in-house direct sales, allowing the focus to be on your organization’s unique abilities. We charge a low, flat-rate, monthly retainer, plus a small percentage of any sales we generate. This model allows you to enjoy low risk, but high rewards. Beyond our low retainer, you only pay for performance. 



Your leads are the lifeblood of your business. It only makes sense that you want to know what’s happening with them at all times.

With Coffee, you’ll never feel “in the dark.” 

With your permission, our tech experts will implement real-time tagging in your CRM, making the information available at your fingertips. 

No more outdated PDF reports sent weekly or monthly. No more visiting external websites to find the information you need.

With Coffee, you’ll be able to see at-a-glance exactly who and how many contacts are at each of the deal stages at any given time - right within your CRM!

Information We Remit Back To Your CRM Includes:

  • Contact Attempted
  • Unable to Call (if applicable)
  • Live Contact Established
  • Appointment Scheduled
  • Working Opportunity
  • Deal Won
  • Deal Lost

Best of all, you can see all of this information on an individual or aggregate basis, empowering you to make well informed marketing and advertising decisions.

"The only thing more expensive than an expert is an amateur." ™



Coffee serves a wide range of 7-figure entrepreneurs, coaches, and thought leaders in the USA & abroad.

Our clients represent multiple industries, from entrepreneurship to coaching and education, all with a true mission for good.

Because we work as a "white label" provider within your brand, our client list is confidential - but here's what they have in common:



What is it that Spiderman used to say? With great power…

Fortunately, we only use our powers for good. Coffee will only market things that positively impact individuals and communities, and will only sell them to customers who can afford them.


Our sales superstars have done over $40M in sales. They’re best put to use selling high-ticket, premium offers - especially those that are emotional or personal purchases.

We happily sell software, coaching, and educational products. Our ideal range is $2,000-$20,000.


Our sales process is highly personal and tailored to the customer. For this reason, we thrive when you can give us much more than a name and a phone number. Purchase history, website activity, autoresponder tags - the more high quality data you can give us, the better!


There’s nothing we love more than helping you discover untapped potential in your existing customer base and funnels. Plug us in, and let us do our thing!

If, however, you already have a sales team and well-developed processes, we’re probably less of a fit.


What clients say

Our client list is confidential, but here's what they're saying internally.

Karl Krummenacher

CEO, JJ Virgins Mindshare Collaborative

"We needed to scale quickly and over a short period of time. I couldn't have been more delighted with the results. And let me tell you why: Number one is it was clear that the Coffee Sales team wasn't working for the commission

Too often when we've tried to outsource sales, that's been the case, selling at any cost. But we were able to be aligned in our values and our principles, and as a result, our ideal clients felt cared for and supported. Our conversion rates were excellent. The overall response and the setup to our clients before they joined our program was perfect as if they had dealt with one of us. I couldn't recommend Coffee Sales more, and I wouldn't hesitate to use them again in the future.”


In celebration of our one year anniversary, we asked our team what it’s like to work with Coffee. Here’s what they had to say!



At Coffee, we know that you wouldn't trust just anyoneto interact with your clients. That's why we've assembled a rock-star team of professionals you can depend on.

Our entire sales team is 100% US-Based.

We together have over a century of high ticket sales and entrepreneurial experience.

Experienced sales team builder.
Business Development

Erika Sheets

Erika is a results-driven, experienced leader in sales performance, revenue creation, and sales team development. For the last eight years, she has focused on the B2C online education space in coaching & transformation. Erika also has twelve years experience in corporate sales & sales management. At Coffee, she heads up new client acquisition, and is in charge of providing you with a smooth and stress-free onboarding experience.

Serial Entrepreneur

Jonathan Levi

Jonathan is a serial entrepreneur, author and life hacker born & raised in Silicon Valley, CA. He has over 18 years of experience in eCommerce, digital marketing, and entrepreneurship, and has sold over $20M on the web. Among his many passions, Jonathan brings both his entrepreneurial leadership as well as his technical & operational expertise to Coffee to allow us to operate seamlessly inside your brand.

Experienced director & strategist.

Kati Mascari

Kati is a passionate, top performing sales professional specializing in relationship building, talent acquisition and retention and effective process performance. With over 20 years in the corporate sector, Kati has built first tier sales teams and repeatedly exceeded sales goals while increasing personal and professional development across the board. At Coffee, she's in charge of keeping operations run smoothly internally and externally.


At their best, Coffee’s contributions are a calling for mission-centered results for our clients, for ourselves, and for our world.

Who we are

We are honest, authentic, and exceptionally talented people who care deeply about contributing for a greater, more meaningful purpose in our work and our lives.

Why We Exist

We leverage our exceptional talents and experiences by magnifying the missions of those we believe are creating good into the world.

What We Do Best

We deliver ease and excellence in direct sales revenue production for established clients with high-ticket, premium offers that we are personally passionate about.



For your convenience, we offer a number of ways for you to reach out and speak to us.